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Relocating to Greater Boston

Sprawled along the coast of the North Atlantic Ocean lies the gleaming city of Boston. Known for its thriving entertainment scene, intriguing history, and world-class educational institutions, Boston and the surrounding suburbs have long been home to a highly desirable real estate market. The city’s proximity to other metropolises like New York has also made it popular among individuals and families who enjoy an on-the-go lifestyle with something new to see and do almost every day. 


Home to many diverse neighborhoods, Boston’s population is equally varied, comprised of professionals, students, families, and empty-nesters who prefer an urban retirement. From high-rise apartment buildings to single-family homes in leafy residential neighborhoods, Boston truly offers its potential residents their pick of living environments. The well-kept Colonial and Georgian architectural styles of historically built homes have attracted many homebuyers with an eye for classic exteriors.

If you are planning a move to Boston, understanding the real estate market, the best neighborhoods to suit your lifestyle, and how to navigate the process of buying or renting a home can be challenging. The First Choice Dorsey Group has decades of experience helping clients buy, sell, and rent homes in the Greater Boston area and offer their unrivaled expertise to help you achieve your relocation dreams with as little additional stress as possible.


How The First Choice Dorsey Group Can Make Your Move Easier

The First Choice Dorsey Group has been active in Boston since early 1999. We offer our clients matchless knowledge of the city and surrounding suburbs to help them find the perfect home without the stress typically associated with house hunting.

Some of the ways the First Choice Dorsey Group can help you make your relocation to Boston easier include:

Greg Dorsey and his team at the First Choice Dorsey Group offer clients access to exclusive listings of properties for sale or rent in Boston’s most sought-after neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking for an affordable rental or a luxury residence, the First Choice Dorsey Group can help your dream home.

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The portal allows clients to access pertinent information from anywhere in the world, making finding potential homes, viewing listings, and contacting their agents even simpler and more efficient.

The First Choice Dorsey Group team understands how important finding good schools can be to relocating families. As such, they are more than happy to recommend the best schools in each neighborhood to families that are new to the city.

Greg and the team at the First Choice Dorsey Group pride themselves on their personalized service, including introducing new property owners or tenants to the neighborhoods they will be calling home. From pointing you to the best restaurants to sharing local attractions and things to do, they’ll ensure you have the lay of the land as early on as possible so you can enjoy your new home to the fullest.

Greg and his team have long standing relationships with local contractors, remodelers, and interior designers, all of whom they’ll be happy to put you in contact with so you can turn your new house into your dream home with the help of tried and trusted businesses with stellar track records helping new homeowners achieve their property goals.


The First Choice Dorsey Group is a top-producing team specializing in buying and selling, increasing the ROI of investment properties, real estate development, and property management.